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Mission Statement:

"I enjoy myself.  I pursue health, wealth, organization, and happiness.  I improve things.  I honestly communicate."

Bernard has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with a minor in Economics from San Jose State University and a Master’s degree in Sociology, with extensive Education courses from the University of California at Riverside.

In addition to earning a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree, Bernard has completed the following web related classes in the Los Rios School District, where he is an Honor Student:

Classes taken (from his Los Rios transcript):

Advanced Web Publication (Scripting)
Cascading Style Sheets
Creative Web Page Design (Dreamweaver)
Database Management (Access)
Dynamic Design With Flash
Film Making
Intermediate Database Management (Access)
Intermediate Local Area Networks
Internet Scripting (JavaScript)
Internet Scripting (Pearl)
Introduction To Adobe Acrobat
Introduction to Desktop Video (After Effects)
Introduction To Film
Non-Linear Audio-Video Editing
Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint)
Principles Of Marketing
Web Page Design (with HTML)

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